Numbers 6:24-26
The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace!
Travel story (English)

12 December 2004

Friday we left with very good weather. There were no problems. The trailer was full and we had to let some stuff behind. Not a lot,a few boxes with clothes and about 14 shoeboxes. But they will go to the Ukrain. So thats good. So far, we are now in Hunary at Daniels place. With a warm welcome and enough space to sleep. We started this morning sorting out all the clothes and shoes. This is all for the gypsie families.

We have visited three families, gave out the clothes, toothbrushes/paste and foodparsels.

I must tell and not forget, it was so easy to get trough the hungarian border. Thank You Lord. The border was so quiet and the customs did not even look at the trailer. Praise God. Within 5 minutes we drove through.

The trip was a real blessing, no troubles at all. We finished bringing the foodparcels after the services we visit some other families.

The gypsies are all enthousiastic in the church. and I think they saw Jesus in practice today. Without speaking the language it is amasing how you have contact with the children and adults only with showing some love and we pray with the people, we talk with them with a translator (Daniel) and we play with the gypsy children. They are so sweet

2nd December 2004

On our last meeting, Monique Kramer has asked if she can come with. After a little discussion, all were open for her to come with us. Ricardo was given a donation of 95 tooth brushes and tooth paste tubes. The tooth brushes all had "Jesus loves you"on them; writern in Romanian.
Corry is busy making more toilet bags. At first, so were thoughts, was enough but is now making another 45!!!

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24th November 2004

The final goods collected are now boxed and stored by Andy and Corry. The bedroom where it is stored is 2,5 m x 2,5 m and is now totally full. Praise God, we have 268 shoeboxes collected; sorted & ready to go!!!! We have been busy praying for a trailer and yesterday (23 Nov) we had contact with HSS rentals, Katwijk, and they said we can have a trailer to rent for free PRAISE GOD !! . Last week Kees-jan and Andy went around looking for a company who would be willing to supply the paperwork for the boarder crossing, we walked into one company and it was not a problem plus they will do it for free HALALUYA, another 16 days and we leave (we can not wait) please keep us all in you prayers

Hi, (Corry here) people from the church, i want to say hi and say; keep on going following Jesus in England, i'm very pleased to have met you all, and look forward to see you the next time after this coming trip.

A minute ago I had contact with our friends in Romania and we spoke about our sleeping accomodation and Simone (from Romania) said: You are all very welcome in our appartment, my heart feels so warm, she is such a lovely lady. Its a wonder, she goes by her mothers place for the time we are there, with here husband and 3 children.

22th November 2004

Saturday 6 November 2 members of our team took a short trip to England. The purpose was to pick up the shoe boxes collected at the Thomas Church in Bournemouth. The trip went well and the total boxes collected by them was 102: WONDERFUL!!!
A big thank you and GOD BLESS YOU for all you hard work. It was wonderful to see the Lord working among you!

After the service on Sunday morning, photos were taken of the boxes and children who gave and collected the boxes. Then they were loaded into the car and there was just enough room for the driver and passenger to sit. After saying our goodbyes we headed for theboat at Dover. We missed the boat and had to wait for the next one, 45 mins later.
We arrived back in Katwijk at approx 1:15 am Monday morning, very tired.

Monday was then spent with other members of the team sorting out what was put into the boxes. Making sure all had there main contents eg: soap, tooth paste and tooth brush. Then putting them on to the list for the paperwork needed to get the items over the boarder into Romania. The next job was to sort out and box all the new and second hand clothes that have been donated.
At the moment we have about 30 banana boxes full (PRAISE THE LORD!). They will go to our friends in a village called Vásárosnamény in Hungary, about 30 kms from the Ukrainen boarder.
Our contacts name is Daniel and he works with gypsies bringing the gospel.


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1st November 2004

Numbers 6:24-26
The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace!

Romania -  Christmas 2004
For this year, we want to tell you about the trip to Romania, on our website.
We thought it would be nice to tell you some of the things what has happened before we go.
With the Lords blessings, the team was quick together. We are all enthusiastic because we know Romania and each other from the trip in 2003.  The six members are: Elizabeth v.d. Plas, Kees Haasnoot, Ricard Pouw, Kees-jan Cecchi and Andy & Corry Bush.

After the trip last summer in august, we have stuck our heads together for some new ideas for the coming Christmas. We've made a letter about a shoebox-appeal. The shoeboxes filled with items for children go to a village, not far from Cluj Napoca, with the name Bucata All the children get a real Christmas party and each and every one get a box. These boxes are very personal and it is lovely to see the faces when they all get a box. Their own present. (In Holland, our little house is growing, Yes the Lord is good.)

The shoebox-appeal is up and running in the Baptist-church in Katwijk, and in a bible group given by Ds. Alblas. In England is an appeal in the Thomas-church, Ensbury park, Bournemouth. A good friend of us has spoken for us on a meeting and ask for this appeal. The reaction was enthusiast and Andy & Corry went there and showed some pictures, film and our faces.
Of course all our family is busy, and neighbours; people come and go at the door, with boxes and bags.
November 7th we will go to England for the Sunday service and to collect all the boxes which have been collected. Thank You Lord for the many blessings!!!

For now, we have in our little home 70 shoeboxes, ready to go!!! We have also 20 big boxes with new and second hand clothes. We are thankful to the Lord for a lot new clothes. It's marvellous that people give new clothes, because we want to give the best we can.
The bible tells us to give in righteousness, and he will bless you with that!!!

We are also busy making bags, toilet bags. We want to fill up the bags in Romania with personal care items, for the children who live on the dump.
We also have a plan to give a warm meal to the families live on the dump on Christmas day (God willing ).

For now, when Im writing and busy with it  my heart is growing again for the children and is it Gods grace and mercy that we can go out there again.
December Friday 10th, we will leave Holland and go (maybe first) to Hungary and then on to Romania.

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